[Retros] Three SPG's from Paul Monsky

Juha Saukkola juha_saukkola at hotmail.com
Thu Jan 17 15:51:18 EST 2008

I disagree. Problem journals should keep high level.
Low-level problems are for torturing your friends at home.

> Well one has to start somewhere, and these seem to be Monsky's first> SPG's (other than last year's pawn-tower attempts that turned out> to be cooked) -- which makes it a very good start.> > Even for non-beginners, I can't think of many (any?) composers> who won't publish a problem unless it breaks major new ground.> Problem journals are full of problems that achieve no more than> previous efforts, if that much; they may not win high prizes,> but can still challenge and entertain solvers, and there's nothing> wrong with that as long as the problem is not actually a copy of> an earlier publication. Here no direct anticipation has been> claimed, so it seems the problems are good to go.> > NDE

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