[Retros] Three SPG's from Paul Monsky

Nicolas.Dupont at math.univ-lille1.fr Nicolas.Dupont at math.univ-lille1.fr
Wed Jan 16 23:43:09 EST 2008

> NDE> Do you also have an example combining cross-captures

> NDE> with two impostor rooks?


> ND> Something like this ?


> ND> 1.Ph2-h4 Pa7-a5 2.Ph4-h5 Ta8-a6 3.Ph5-h6 Ta6-b6

> ND> 4.Ph6xg7 Tb6-b3 5.Pa2xb3 Ph7-h5 6.Ta1-a4 Th8-h6

> ND> 7.Ta4-c4 Pa5-a4 8.Th1-h4 Pa4-a3 9.Pb2xa3 Th6-a6

> ND> 10.Fc1-b2 Ta6-a8 11.Fb2-f6 Cb8-a6 12.Th4-d4 Ph5-h4

> ND> 13.Cb1-c3 Ph4-h3 14.Dd1-a1 Ph3-h2 15.Re1-d1 Ph2-h1=T

> ND> 16.Rd1-c1 Th1-h8


> Yes, except that in Monsky's game neither impostors is promoted

> and the promoted piece is a cross-captured Bishop.

I don't say that his game is without interest, just that cross-captures is
a well-known field, where beautiful things have been already achieved (see
Joost's examples). Thus, in my opinion, the motivation has to be strong
enough to continue to work on it.


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