[Retros] The only move?

Joost de Heer joost at sanguis.xs4all.nl
Wed Apr 23 17:18:38 EDT 2008

Joost de Heer schreef:

> There's an article by Bernd Schwarzkopf in Die Schwalbe about 'The only

> move' (Der einzige Zug).

Improvements published in Die Schwalbe 230:

T-: Per Olin, Bernd Schwarzkopf
5k1K/5P1R/5P1P/8/8/8/8/8 (5+1)
BxP: Bernd Schwarzkopf
6k1/6P1/6PK/6PB/6p1/6P1/8/8 (6+2)

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