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*Longest Checkmate problem - 290


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> someone just wrote to me:


> > There are many chess problems

> > that are totally impossible for computers, but human can solve those.

> > Seeing beutiful things are not possible for computers, but human

> > can realize those - by seeing brightness/light. You cannot make as

> > complicated computer-program as your brains are.


> is it true ?

At the current state of the art in computer programming, yes.

> Is there an example of such a problem which is particularly hard

> (I don't think it can be "totally impossible")

> to implement on a computer but can be solved easily by a human ?

I had once a nice one but cannot find it anymore.

It was a forced mate in a very high number of moves, all of which
were obvious for a human but not for chess programs, which
couldn't do better than to explore the complete tree of possibilities.



> Guenter Stertenbrink

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