[Retros] ep in fairy helpmate

Joost de Heer joost at sanguis.xs4all.nl
Fri Apr 11 04:41:18 EDT 2008

> Let me call your attention to a kind of fairy retro (implicit)

> in the following problem that has just won the 3d place (preliminary)

> in the Liga Problemista 1/2008 tourney of Mat Plus (Mat Plus No.29

> http://www.matplus.net/pub/zip/MP29.pdf ):


> P.Pitton, 8/8/1p6/B7/kPp5/s1p5/2sp4/1S1K4 (4+7) h#2; b)-wKd1

> 1.Sa1 Ke2 2.Sb3 Sxc3#.

> 1.cxb3 ep Bxb6 2.Sb4 Sxc3#. (!?)

#837 by the same author has retro content too:

P. Pitton (after T.R. Dawson, 1934)
10-21 Place LP 1/2008
h#2 b) -wKa5

a) 1. cb3ep Kb6 2. d3 Rf4#
b) 1. Sc8 Ra6 2. Rf6 Rf6#

And the fourth place is kinda retroish too:

Michel Caillaud
4th place LP 1/2008

a) 1. Kd4 d8=S 2. Rc3 Sde6#
b) 1. Kd6 d8=K! 2. Rc6 Se4

Because white doesn't have a king, he may promote to a king.


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