[Retros] shortest Madrasi PG stalemate ended - Solution

Mario Richter mri_two at t-online.de
Thu Apr 10 09:23:56 EDT 2008

> Do you really mean "11 plies" = 6.5 moves?

Of course I wanted to write "11 plies" = 5.5 moves?"

If your remark about the lower bound refers to
11.0 moves, then I still think, that faster games
are possible, as the following (unfortunately dualistic)
game shows:
1.a2-a4 d7-d5 2.a4-a5 Qd8-d6 3.Ra1-a4 Qd6xh2
4.Ra4-g4 h7-h5 5.Rh1xh2 h5xg4 6.Ng1-f3 g4xf3
7.Nb1-c3 d5-d4 8.a5-a6 d4xc3



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