[Retros] shortest Madrasi PG stalemate ended - Solution

Nicolas.Dupont at math.univ-lille1.fr Nicolas.Dupont at math.univ-lille1.fr
Mon Apr 7 18:30:03 EDT 2008

> A shorter one :


> 1.a4 c5 2.a5 c4 3.Ra4 c3 4.Rc4 f5 5.Rxc8 Nc6 6.a6 Qa5 7.Na3 Qxa3

> 8.Nf3 Qd6 9.Nd4 Qxh2 10.Rxh2 f4 11.Rxh7 f3 Madrasi =

Ouarff, it is not dual-free. But according to Popeye, the following
12-variation is correct :

1.h2-h4 c7-c5 2.h4-h5 c5-c4 3.Rh1-h4 c4-c3 4.Rh4-c4 f7-f5
5.Rc4*c8 f5-f4 6.Rc8*b8 Qd8-a5 7.Sg1-f3 Qa5*a2 8.Sf3-e5 Qa2*b1
9.Ra1-a6 f4-f3 10.Ra6-h6 e7-e6 11.Rh6*h7 Sg8-e7 12.h5-h6 Se7-g6

The wrong 11-variation suggests, nevertheless, that 12 might not be the


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