[Retros] Incomplete construction problem

Mario Richter mri_two at t-online.de
Wed Sep 19 07:16:59 EDT 2007

Dear Kostas,

> I couldn't find the correct stipulation anywhere, but I solved it for both

5 and 6

> moves of the rook.

> All you need to know is that there is (at least) one solution in each

case, so you

> can safely go ahead and try to solve the problem.

The correct stipulation was a little bit different:

Reconstituer la position, sachant que pour les pièces la constituant,
le nombre de derniers coups possibles est connu:

(Construct a position in such a way that for the pieces it consists
of, the number of last moves is as follows)

wKing: 2, wRook: 10, wBishop: 2, 8x wPawn: 0 (total 11 pieces)

bKing: 0, bPawn: 0 (total 2 pieces)

This problem was part of a little article by Frolkin & Kornilov,
in which they showed some generalizations and variations of the
"Color the pieces" theme.
(e.g. color the board and the pieces, map to each letter a piece,
put on the marked squares the pieces from a given set of pieces etc.)
The article appeared in 'Rex Multiplex' No.6, Avril-Juin 1983, pp.161-162



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