[Retros] Probleemblad retro section

Joost de Heer joost at sanguis.xs4all.nl
Sun Oct 28 10:53:17 EDT 2007

Pastmaker at aol.com schreef:


> This is troubling news, particularly for such an excellent journal, and

> one that has always provided very generous space for retros. I think we

> owe Probleembald our support.

The reason given was that the main editor didn't receive the section in
time. I'm sure that in the next issue, there'll be a retros section.

And now something completely different:

I have a question, that's not retros related, but perhaps someone on
this list can answer it: to my surprise, I found my name on the list for
the fairies section of the FIDE album 2001-2003
(http://www.sci.fi/~stniekat/pccc/fa0103g.htm). Since I didn't send in
any composition, and I don't keep a record of my published compositions
(I know, I should start it someday....) I'm curious which composition
made it to the album. Does anyone have an idea?


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