[Retros] Next Update of the Retro Corner

Otto Janko otto at janko.at
Sun Oct 28 10:11:22 EDT 2007

Dear Retro Friend,

I'm going to update the Retro Corner next week. If you contribute problems
not previously sent to the RML, it will make it into this update (the next
update will most likely be around Christmas).

Among others, I will update the Last Moves records according to Werner
Keym's latest record list. In the last few months several other record lists
have been discussed on the RML, e.g. "Shortest Knight Checkmates", "=N
double checkmates" and others. Should I add these record lists to the Retro
Corner too? Please contribute the most recent record lists!

TIA and Best Regards,

- Otto Janko [mailto:otto at janko.at] [http://www.janko.at]
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