[Retros] Castling temporarily changed and repetition of position

afretro afretro at yandex.ru
Fri Oct 19 00:04:35 EDT 2007

Dear all,
The crucial point here is the exact/all-embracing definition of the terms “temporary/permanent change of the right to castle.” Consider the following position:
Ke1, Rh1, Bf3 – Ke8, Qa1, Ra2, Rd8; last pawn move/capture was 49.0 moves ago. The 50-moves remis rule is mandatory. Previously, the check used to “temporarily” prevent the right to castle from being exercised. Now, however, the right is prevented “permanently” (“for good”), inasmuch as it can no longer be exercised. The position is not dead: 50.Bd1 Q/Rxd1#; yet no chance for white to castle. Hence, in a way, the status of the right to castle can change from “temporarily lost” to “permanently lost.” However, indeed there appears to be no way to change it from “exercisable” to “permanently non-exercisable” under standard chess rules within the triple repetition framework.
Best regards, Andrey

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