[Retros] Retros: Original in Animal Chess

Mario Richter mri_two at t-online.de
Thu Nov 22 15:08:21 EST 2007

Dear Bernd,

> here is a simple original in Animal Chess with some symmetry in the


> 1. P P 2. A A 3. H H 4. AxP AxP 5. HA HxP#.

> Dear Mario: Could you be so kind to computer-test the problem?

It depends on how the 5th white move should be interpreted.
If "AH" stands for "castling", then your intended solution is
unique (so "AH" would be interpreted as "in that move, *both*
an animal and a human are involved").
If "AH" means "in that move, an animal *OR* a human makes the
move, then other solutions exist.

Just one other thought: to some extent, this HAP-notation is
very similiar to Eric Angelini's 'Stenochess' notation, so one
could pose the same challenge as for Stenochess:

Find HAP strings (the shortest ones) in order to fix all the
twenty white moves which can open a real game.

My impression is, that it will be more difficult than for
Stenochess - but can it be done at all ...?



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