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Hi Alain,
Your suggestion for an introductory problem
An introductory problem could be:1) Find a game that is noted 1.P P 2.H H 3.P H 4.H+ H 5.A#(Russell Ernest Rice, 2006/12)Alas Mario Richter computer tested it and found it has two solutions.Will you find them both?Solutions of 1 is:1.e3 e6 2.Qe2 Ke7 3.d4 Kd6 4.Qa6+ Kd5 5.Nc3#1.b3 f6 2.Ba3 Kf7 3.e4 Ke6 4.Qg4+ Ke5 5.Nf3#
looks good, if the two solutions are both sound. but why not Black 1 ... e5 in the first solution (when 3 ... Ke6 is also a dual)?
Pity, because with two dual-free solutions, one each featuring Nb1 and Ng1, it would have been a great problem!
(This problem will be quoted in the next issue of variant Chess, and I need to know what comments to put in !)
Best wishes,

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