[Retros] record "last N single moves" Type D

Bernd Schwarzkopf schwarzkopf at uni-duesseldorf.de
Wed May 23 10:37:29 EDT 2007

Dear Retrofans,

I found a new scheme to increase the number of unique consecutive last
moves in Type D:

Bernd Schwarzkopf
18 last moves, Duplex

Last moves:
1.- Nf1-h2
2.h7-h8=B Nh2
3.h6 Nf1
4.h5 Nh2
5.h4 Nf1
6.h2 h2xQg2
7.Qg1-g2+ Bg2
8.Qh1 h4-h3
9.Qf1 h5
10.Qh1 (now unique moves), then:
10.- h6 or 10.-Bh3 11.Qg1-h1+ Kf4-f3 12.g2-g3+ ...
If White begins: nearly the same.

Regards, Bernd

Bernd Schwarzkopf <schwarzkopf at uni-duesseldorf.de>

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