[Retros] Solutions needed

Harry Fougiaxis harryfou at ath.forthnet.gr
Tue May 15 12:56:14 EDT 2007

As per WinChloe, with due credit to Michel Caillaud for entering all this
info into the database.

peter.fayers at virgin.net wrote:

> Henryk Grudzinski, Probleemblad, 2003

> PG 9.5 Circe

> rRbBk1sr/pppppppp/8/8/4S3/b7/PqPPPPPP/3QKBSR

1.a4 b5 2.Ra3 bxa4(a2) 3.Rb3 a3 4.Rxb8 axb2 5.Bxb2(b7) e5 6.Ba3 Qf6 7.Be7 e4
8.Bd8 Qb2 9.Sc3 Ba3 10.Sxe4(e7)

> Bernd Gräfrath, StrateGems, 2003 PG 11.0 Losing Chess

> rsbkq1sr/ppp4p/8/3pp1p1/8/5P2/PPPPPP1P/SRBQKBSR

1.Sc3 f5 2.Rb1 f4 3.Se4 f3 4.gxf3 d5 5.Sg3 g5 6.Sh5 Bg7 7.Sxg7 Kd7 8.Sf5 e6
9.Sd4 e5 10.Sb3 Qe8 11.Sa1 Kd8

Cook : 1.Sa3 e6 2.Sb1 Ba3 3.Sxa3 f5 4.Sc4 d5 5.Se5 f4 6.Sef3 Ke7 7.Sd4 e5
8.Sb3 Qe8 9.Rb1 Kd8 10.Sa1 f3 11.gxf3 g5

> Michel Caillaud, Probleemblad 5/2002

> Shortest Proof Game? (a) Orthodox (b) Circe

> rsb1kbr1/pppp1pp1/3p3s/7p/P4P2/6PR/1PPPP1P1/1SBQKBS1

> (I have solved part (a) of this one!)

a) 1.a4 h6 2.Ra3 h5 3.Rd3 Sh6 4.Rd6 exd6 5.f3 Qg5 6.f4 Qg3+ 7.hxg3 Rg8 8.Rh3
b) 1.h4 h5 2.Rh3 Sh6 3.Rd3 Rg8 4.Rd6 exd6 5.a4 Qxh4(h2) 6.Ra3 Kd8 7.Rh3 Qg3
8.hxg3 Ke8 9.f4

> Bernd Gräfrath, Probleemblad 6/2003

> PG 9.5, Losing Chess

> r1bqBb1r/ppp1p1p1/8/3p1pPp/1P6/8/P1PPPP1P/RSBQ1KSR

1.g4 Sf6 2.g5 Sd5 3.Bg2 f5 4.Bxd5 Kf7 5.Bxf7 Sa6 6.Kf1 Sc5 7.b4 Sa4 8.Bb3 h5
9.Bxa4 d5 10.Be8

> Didier Innocenti, Phénix 91, 2000

> PG 10.0, Berkeley Chess

> 4k2r/1p2ppb1/4s3/8/8/5B2/1PP1KP2/2BQ4

Dans la position initiale, les Tours, Cavaliers et Pions Tours

1.d4 g5 2.e4(-e4) g4 3.Be2(-g2) g3 4.Bf3 g2 5.Ke2 g1=R 6.d5 Bg7 7.d6
Kf8(-Qd8, Bc8, d7) 8.d7(-c7) Rh1 9.d8=S Rh8 10.Se6+ Ke8

> M Grushko, Phénix, 2005

> PG 7.0, Masand

> r1r2r2/pppp2pp/2s1pk2/6q1/8/8/PPPPP1PP/RSBQKBSR

1.f4 e6 2.f5 Qg5 3.f6 Se7 4.fxe7 Sc6 5.exf8=R(WPf7,WRh8)+ Ke7 6.Rxc8 Kf6
7.f8=R(BRc8,BRh8)+ Rhxf8

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