[Retros] More on en passant chess.

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Thu Mar 29 07:50:34 EDT 2007

"peter.fayers at virgin.net" <peter.fayers at virgin.net> wrote:

:Any more contributions on this topic are welcome: I am planning an article in the magazine Variant Chess on this, to demonstrate the difficulties of inventing new variants: how a seemingly simple idea ("all units can be captured ep") can lead to such world-wide debate.

I was considering another variant (actually 2) a little while ago; I think
of them as 'beta chess'.

Before each move a player makes, the opponent must nominate one of the
player's pieces that has a legal move (1st variant) or a legal move the
player can make (2nd variant). The player is constrained from moving the
piece (or making the move) so specified.

A draw by stalemate can be reached either before or after the opponent's

In the first variant, castling is disallowed if either of the pieces
has been nominated.

(I didn't see any great scope for retros with these variants, so I hadn't
mentioned them before now.)


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