[Retros] Is this a cook or a new problem?

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Hello Olli,

Interesting puzzle.
I think this is a cook as in Peter Wong's book, the problem is reproduced
with the stipulation "Black to play. Shortest game?".
Your nice game is different so indeed it could be your own. But...
the cook is also cooked!
I have found a new solution in only 26,5 moves.
I will post it in some days, in case somebody is challenged by finding it
(it is always easier when one knows that it can be done...).


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olli.heimo at luukku.com a écrit :

I just happened to see Peter Wong's problem in "Variant
Chess" 7/1991, problem id P0002579 in PDB Server. He asks
orthoreconstruction of initial game array in 29.5 moves
using fairy conditions circe and double maximummer. I could
do it in 28.5 moves like so: 1. Nh3 Nf6 2.Nc3 Nc6 3.Na4 Ne5
4.Nc5 Nf3+ 5.gxf3(Ng8) Nh5 6.Ne6 Ngf6 7.Ng1 Nd5 8.Bh3 Ne3
9.Bf5 Ng2+ 10.Kf1 Ne3+ 11.fxe3(Nb8) Ng3+ 12.Kg2 Nh5 13.Bh3
Na6 14.Bf5 Nb4 15.Bd3 Nxd3(Bf1) 16.Nc5 Nhf4+ 17.exf4(Nb8)
Nc6 18.Nh3 Ne1+ 19.Kf2 Ne5 20.Na4 Ng4+ 21.fxg4(Ng8) Nf6 22.
Nc3 Nxg5+(pg2) 23.Kxe1(Nb8) Nf6 24.Nb1 Nh5 25.Ng1 Nxf4(pf2)
26.Nh3 Nh5 27.Ng1 Nf6 28.Nh3 Ng8 29.Ng1
This is not necessarily a cook, because there is no way
to extend this type of game to 29.5 moves. But I feel
that it not fair to publish it as my own problem. What do
you think? Olli.
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