[Retros] Last move economy record, coloring problems

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> Hi Alain,


> I have taken all the diagrams that you hovered up, and am about to load them

> in my website at www.geocities.com/anselan/chess.html.

Thank you.

> A few questions:

> (1) Is Type Z the official name?

I don't know. I'm currently working with Thierry Le Gleuher on
another compilation of problems (soon to come) and i took the
following classification:
Type A: It is not given who has the move
Type B: The stipulation says who has the move
Type C: One king is in check
Type D: Duplex type B
(Type DD: Duplex type B with same first move)
Type E: Coloring problem
Type F: Coloring problem with one piece or more attacking both kings
But nothing's official. And anyway some more may be lacking, such
as retro-rebuses, etc...

> (2) Who are the authors of all these?

Andrei Frolkine & Andrei Kornilow, without specification.

> (3) Why is No.4 Traits aux noirs?

I think it's an amelioration of 04a (C19 instead of C20),
but with an extra stipulation.

cu, Alain

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