[Retros] Last move economy record, coloring problems

andrew buchanan andrew at anselan.com
Tue Mar 13 06:41:09 EDT 2007

Hi Alain,

I have taken all the diagrams that you hovered up, and am about to load them
in my website at www.geocities.com/anselan/chess.html.

A few questions:
(1) Is Type Z the official name?
(2) Who are the authors of all these?
(3) Why is No.4 Traits aux noirs?

Any other thoughts and comments are welcome.

Best regards,
Andrew Buchanan.

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On a similar topic, i converted to FEN all the last move economy
records in coloring problem form (Type Z? ;), published in
Rex Multiplex 27 by Andrei Frolkine & Andrei Kornilow.
It was referenced as type C problem. The last entry in this .CSV
list are the problems' number in the magazine.

Also type D are interesting too in my opinion.

8/8/7K/6PP/4PPP1/3PPPPK/3PPPPP/8 w- - ;K-;C16;1
2Q5/PPP3PP/6QQ/4K2Q/Q5KQ/7Q/1P6/B2Q2Q1 w- - ;K-#;C18;01a
3QB1KR/P1PN1R1N/3Q1K1Q/3NQQQP/4NPNB/6PP/8/8 w- - ;KxQ+;C23;2
3BQ1Q1/4Q2Q/Q5KQ/4K2Q/6QQ/6PP/5PPP/1Q6 w- - ;KxR+;C18;3
6B1/7P/8/3K2PR/4PPP1/3PPPK1/2PPPPPP/7B b- - ;KxB+;C19+trait aux noirs;4
4B1K1/3NQR1N/4QK1Q/3NQQQP/4NPNP/6P1/8/8 w- - ;KxB#;C20;04a
8/3BPP2/3QQPP1/6QQ/4K2Q/2Q3KQ/5Q1P/3Q2Q1 w- - ;KxN+;C18;5
1B2B3/PPPP1P1P/1PP3BR/PP5R/6KR/3KQ1R1/P4PPP/1B6 w- - ;KxP+;C25;6
8/8/8/8/5RP1/4RK2/4BRQN/5NNK w- - ;Q-#;C12;7
8/8/8/4N1NB/3NPR1N/4RKR1/3NBRQK/4N1NB w- - ;QxQ+;C18;8
5QNK/2PN2QN/3PQK1Q/3NPQQ1/4N3/8/8/8 w- - ;QxR#;C16;9
4N1KR/3NQ1QQ/4RK1Q/3N1QPN/4N1N1/8/8/8 w- - ;QxB#;C16;10
5QNK/3NQ1QN/5KQP/3N2PN/4N1N1/8/8/8 w- - ;QxN#;C15;11
8/8/8/7N/6R1/5RK1/5BRQ/5NRK w- - ;QxP#;C10;12
5RBK/5K1R/5QPN/8/8/8/8/8 w- - ;R-#;C08;13
3NRNB1/2NP2N1/2R1K1R1/2N3K1/2BNRNB1/8/8/8 w- - ;RxQ+;C17;14
4NQNR/3N2RK/4QK1P/3NQQPN/4NPN1/8/8/8 w- - ;RxR#;C18;15
8/6PP/8/5N1N/4NPQP/4Q1KQ/6RP/4QNKN w- - ;RxB++;C17;16
8/8/5Q2/4N1N1/3N3N/4QK1Q/3NQ1PN/4NRKQ w- - ;RxN#;C16;17
7B/K3PPPP/RP2PPP1/4PP2/K3P3/P7/4P1PP/8 w- - ;RxP+;C19;18
8/8/8/4N1N1/3N1RPN/4RKRP/3N1RBN/4N1NK w- - ;B-+;C17;19
1K5B/4RNP1/3B1BN1/2R1K1R1/2NB1BN1/3NRN2/8/8 w- - ;BxQ+;C18;20
2K5/5QN1/4B1PN/3Q1K1Q/3N3N/3BNQNB/8/8 w- - ;BxR+;C16;21
1K5B/4QNP1/3B1QN1/2Q1K1R1/2NQ1QN1/3NRN2/8/8 w- - ;BxB+;C18;22
8/8/4NQNQ/3NQ2P/4QK1B/3NQQ1K/4PPNP/6B1 w- - ;BxN#;C19;23
7B/1N2PPPP/P3PPPP/K1Q1PPP1/1B3P2/P7/1P1K4/8 w- - ;BxP+;C21;24
4NQNN/3NP1BK/3Q1K1Q/3NB1BN/4N1N1/8/8/8 w- - ;N-+;C17;25
3N1N2/2NPRBN1/3RK1RK/2NB1BN1/3NNN2/4R3/8/8 w- - ;NxQ+;C19;26
8/3Q2P1/6QN/4K2N/2Q3K1/4NQQP/5NPN/8 w- - ;NxR#;C16;27
3N1NBN/1PNQ1QNK/2PQK2P/2NP1Q2/3N1N2/8/8/8 w- - ;NxB#;C19;28
4N1KN/2PNB1BN/3PQK2/3NPQ1N/4N1N1/8/8/8 w- - ;NxN#;C17;29
8/4NPNP/4QQQN/4QK2/4QP1K/4NRNN/5PRB/6B1 w- - ;NxP+;C21;30
8/8/8/8/8/6PN/5K1Q/7K w- - ;P-+;C05;31
4NRN1/3NP1PN/3R1K1R/3N1RPN/4N1NK/8/8/8 w- - ;PxQ+;C17;32
4NQN1/3NP1PN/3Q1K1Q/3N2PN/4N1NK/8/8/8 w- - ;PxR+;C16;33
3QNRNQ/3N3N/4PK1R/3N3N/4NRNQ/5K2/8/8 w- - ;PxB+;C17;34
8/4NPNP/3NPQPP/4QK1P/3N3K/3Q4/8/5Q2 w- - ;PxN#;C16;35
8/7P/P5P1/KP3P2/1R2PP2/QK2PPP1/BP2PPPP/7B w- - ;PxP+;C21;36
8/7P/7P/7P/6PP/6PP/1P1P1PPP/2K2RK1 w- - ;O-O+;C15;37
8/P7/P7/PP6/PPP5/1P1P4/1PPRP3/2KR2K1 w- - ;O-O-O+;C16;38
8/1B2Q2B/3N1N2/2P3N1/2PQK2Q/6N1/KP1N4/1B2Q2B w- - ;P--+;C18;39
8/8/6PK/8/5B2/6KR/8/8 w- - ;e.p.++;C05;40
6KQ/6B1/7K/8/8/8/8/8 w- - ;P-=Q+;C04;41
3BNQKQ/3N3N/3R1K1R/3NP1PN/4NRN1/8/8/8 w- - ;PxQ=Q++;C17;42
3N2QK/4RK2/5R2/6NQ/8/8/8/8 w- - ;PxR=Q#;C08;43
6KQ/3NQ2N/3Q1K1Q/3N4/3QNQNQ/8/8/8 w- - ;PxB=Q+;C14;44
6KQ/7N/5KQ1/8/8/8/8/8 w- - ;PxN=Q++;C05;45
6RK/5K1Q/6NN/8/8/8/8/8 w- - ;P-=R+;C06;46
3BNRKQ/3N3N/3R1K1R/3NP1PN/4NRN1/8/8/8 w- - ;PxQ=R++;C17;47
3BNRKQ/3N3N/5K1Q/3NP1PN/4NQN1/8/8/8 w- - ;PxR=R++;C16;48
4NRKQ/3NP2N/3R1K1R/3NP1PN/4NRN1/8/8/8 w- - ;PxB=R+;C17;49
5NRK/5P2/6KR/8/8/8/8/8 w- - ;PxN=R#;C06;50
6BN/5K1K/7N/8/8/8/8/8 w- - ;P-=B+;C05;51
3R2BB/1B2N1PK/1N6/1R1K2R1/1N6/1BNRNB2/5PP1/7B w- - ;PxQ=B+;C20;52
3B3B/2KN1Q1N/4QK1Q/5Q1N/3BN1NB/8/8/8 w- - ;PxR=B+;C15;53
3Q1BKQ/3N3N/3Q1K1Q/3N4/3QNQNQ/7P/1PPP1P1P/8 w- - ;PxB=B+;C21;54
5BKQ/P2PPP1P/PP1PPKPP/4PPB1/5PPB/8/8/8 w- - ;PxN=B+;C21;55
5BN1/4K3/7K/8/8/8/8/8 w- - ;P-=N++;C04;56
5N2/3K1PPP/3PPRKR/3PPPRB/3PPPPP/8/8/8 w- - ;PxQ=N+;C20;57
4NQ2/4Q1QN/4QKQ1/3NQ1QN/K3N1N1/8/8/8 w- - ;PxR=N#;C15;58
4QN1K/2NQ1QN1/2Q1K1Q1/2N3N1/3NQN2/8/8/8 w- - ;PxB=N++;C15;59
4QQNK/4N3/4Q1KQ/4NQQQ/5N1N/8/8/8 w- - ;PxN=N+;C14;60

Sincerely yours, Alain

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