[Retros] Last move Type D

Mario Richter mri_two at t-online.de
Wed Mar 7 02:44:38 EST 2007

Dear retrofans,

on sunday I received a Typ D position, which I falsely assumed to
come from the RML, so I didn't mention it in my sunday's posting.
My apologies to Jorge and Roberto for having things mixed up there.

The duo from Argentinia provided a combination of type P-/P--:

P-/P--/17|6br/3ppp1k/7P/6pK/6pb/5PrP/4P1pp/8|Jorge Lois&Roberto

But as things sometimes go, this is not the end of the story.

Yesterday Bernd Schwarzkopf forwarded me an email, which he had
originally sent to the RML, but which never arrived there.

So here it is:

> I found a position for P-/P--:

> P-/P--/13|8/3ppp1p/7P/6pK/8/5PPk/4P1pp/8|Bernd Schwarzkopf|just new: rml

> 04.03.2007

> In other words:

> P-/P--/13

> Kh5 Pe2f3g3h6 - Kh3 Pd7e7f7g2g5h2h7

> (5+8=13)

> Black g2,h2 pawns captured 10 white men, so bPg7xf6xg5 is not possible.

> bPg2 came from b7, so wPf2xg3 is not possible.

(Btw. Joost or Otto, is it possbile to check, if the loss of this mail
was a problem at the retro archive's or Bernd's end of the wire?)



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