[Retros] A funny question about FIDE rules

peufe at tin.it peufe at tin.it
Wed Jun 20 12:44:47 EDT 2007

Hi friends,
I would like to know your opinions about a question I thought.
What has priority over other among to resign, to offer a draw,
mate, stalemate ,dead reckoning and flag fall ?
As example if someone (unskilled) resigns, but after that
sees that he gave mate with his last move,
what the arbiter will decide about the game score?
Some conflicting situations could be:

1) Resign + mate
2) Resign + stalemate
3) Resign + enemy's flag fall
4) Resign + dead reckoning
5) Offer a draw + mate
6) offer a draw + enemy's flag fall

Waiting for your opinions. Thank you.

Franco Fedeli

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