[Retros] How many times could a Diagram be repeated during aproofgame?

Rol, Guus G.A.Rol at umcutrecht.nl
Tue Jun 5 04:56:04 EDT 2007


Roberto indicated in an earlier response that he operates in the context
of the retro-conventions in de Codex. The automatic draw indicated in
article 18 takes place after the actual 3rd repetition has been
completed. As an example, Proca problems may start from a drawn end

Now there is a question mark hanging over the validity of certain
versions of the Codex. My current understanding is that article 18 was
added in 1991 in Rotterdam. I am uncertain whether or not this
Codex-version was officially ratified - and if not, what that means.
Could it mean that we now have a conventional deviation from the

Anyway, (as noted by Alexander George) without an automatic draw rule a
position may be repeated indefinitely since claims are not mandatory.

Guus Rol.

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> Rol, Guus kirjoitti 04.06.2007 kello 19:38:


> > (d) the drawn position can still be part of the proof game


> I think that it can't. The third repetition of the position

> is a virtual position, which occurs on the protocol. Assuming

> that White's last move was 45.Bf4 repeating the position for

> third time it is illegal. He should write that move on the

> protocol and claim for draw, but not make the move on the

> board. My calcu- lations end to 42.5 moves. It is at least

> fourth different answer. Someone could show the actual moves

> rather than trying to get the answer by addition and

> multiplication. Olli. _______________________________________________

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