[Retros] Retro-poker ?

Alain BROBECKER abrobecker at yahoo.com
Sat Jul 28 15:54:57 EDT 2007

Dear retro-fans,

Concerning poker and other games with non perfect information,
(information is hidden or players move simulatneaously) i found
the thesis of Christophe Meyer very pleasant and informative.

He makes a summary of game theory techniques (the ones for
games with perfect informations are well known to chess
enthusiasts), but he focuses on techniques to predict
human behaviour in games with non perfect information,
such as Rock/Scissors/Paper, Three coins, Alesia
(interesting this one), etc...

You can see it and download programs there:

Alas it's in French, and quite heavy (~260 pages).

I've also heard there are some advances in programming
a Go player (apart from using a faster computer that is ;),
but don't know more. Anyone with infos?

regards, Alain

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