[Retros] Last move Type D - record list 25.07.2007

Alain BROBECKER abrobecker at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 25 12:40:39 EDT 2007

Dear Eric

>>Type D: K-/N-, 9


>... but Black has no Knight here ?! (according to the

>notation used for pb #2, White's move is indicated first)

>So here we have a "reversed" notation, compared to pb #2,

>or am I missing something ?

Composers/compilers assumed that knowing if it's a K-/N-
or a N-/K- with respect to colours (colors?) was not very
important. One only would have to change sides if he wants
the moves written the other way.

So they agreed on writing them in alphabetical order, that's
easier for maintaining the list (with a spreadsheet) i suppose.

And it spoils less the pleasure of retracting the moves! ;)

regards, Alain

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