[Retros] Die Schwalbe Heft 225

Mario Richter mri_two at t-online.de
Sun Jul 15 05:28:08 EDT 2007

Dear retro fans,

first of all I'd like to thank Joost for doing a great job
in providing information about the retro originals from
many problem journals!

Now my questions about 2 problems (both are given by
Joost exactly the same way as they are printed in
'Die Schwalbe'):

> 13396 - Eugene A. Dugas

> 2K1s1q1/3P4/4B1r1/3Psp2/1rk1ppp1/4Ppb1/P4pPP/3b4 (8+14)

> -3 & h#1

As given, the problem is totally cooked. Even if the stipulation
is reduced to -2(w+s), there are tons of solutions.
Somebody out there, who has an idea what the intended stipulation
might be?

> 13401 - Arno Tüngler

> 8/p2ppp1p/8/8/1P6/kPP2P2/r1pPPP2/K2B4 (9+8)

> Release the position. 11 precisely defined captures,

> which ones? Isardam

I've intensively tried to solve this problem - but not being
a fairy chess expert, to me it seems, as if the given position
is illegal under Isardam rules.
Can somebody confirm, that the problem as given has indeed
a solution? (In that case, please do not give it, but simply state,
that the problem is solveable.)

Thanks in advance for any help!


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