[Retros] Shortest Knight Checkmates

Hirokaz ONODA glkoon at yahoo.co.jp
Fri Jul 13 03:54:17 EDT 2007


It's been a long time.
I add just one game.

Knight to the 1st rank
1. Pe2-e3 Ph7-h5 2. Dd1xh5 Cg8-h6 3. Dh5-f5 Pf7-f6
4. Re1-e2 Ch6-f7 5. Re2-f3 Th8-h3 6. Rf3-g4 Th3xe3
7. Rg4-h5 Te3-h3 8. Rh5-g6 Cf7-h8

Amici Sumus,

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