[Retros] HAP webpage updated

Bernd Gräfrath retromode at web.de
Mon Dec 10 08:01:01 EST 2007

Dear Alain,

I think you should add two more of my problems which were posted at the Retrograde Analysis Corner.
The first is another EHAP-version of a previous OHAP-problem:

1.P P 2.P P 3.P P 4.PxP PxP+ 5.AxP H 6.PxH=H A 7.AxP AxA 8.P AxH 9.P A 10.P H 11.PxH P 12.PxA=A P 13.AxP HxA 14.P P 15.P P 16.P P=A 17.P AxH 18.P=H AxH+ 19.AxA H 20.HxH+.

Solution (EHAP; C+ by Mario Richter): 1.h4 c5 2.h5 c4 3.h6 c3 4.hxg7 cxd2+ 5.Nxd2 Qc7 6.gxf8B Nf6 7.Rxh7 Nxh7 8.b4 Nxf8 9.b5 Nh7! 10.b6 0-0 11.bxc7 b5 12.cxb8N b4 13.Nxd7 Bxd7 14.c4 b3 15.c5 b2 16.c6 b1R 17.c7 Rxc1 18.c8Q Rxd1+ 19.Rxd1 Bg4 20.Qxg4+

It is a shorter version of my EHAP-problem in 36 moves; but it still should be mentioned, not because of its length, but because it shows the Allumwandlung-task in a smaller number of moves. Perhaps you could call them iv.a) and iv.b) in your EHAP section. (Of course, the shorter problem is not always correct if the longer is correct.)

And there is a NEW problem of mine which I posted on 6. Dec. 2007: it shows the Valladao-task in EHAP. (My previous Valladao-task in OHAP cannot be correctly converted to EHAP, so a new one was required.)

1. P P 2. P P 3. H+ P 4. PxP+ H 5. P A 6. P=A P 7. PxP H 8. AxH H 9. HxH+.

Solution (EHAP; C+ by Mario Richter): 1. c4 d5 2. c5 d4 3. Qa4+ b5 4. cxb6e.p.+ Qd7 5. b7 Nc6 6. b8N d3 7. exd3 Ba6 8. Nxd7 0-0-0 9. Qxa6+.

Best wishes,


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> Dear retro-fans,


> I had time this WE to update the HAP webpage, and i added

> Russel's recent problems too.

> http://abrobecker.free.fr/chess/hap.htm


> Please report any error or missing information.


> regards, Alain



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