[Retros] HAP and phoenix promotions

Mario Richter mri_two at t-online.de
Fri Dec 7 15:30:57 EST 2007

Dear Russell,

> Here are two attempts at showing phoenix-style promotions in HAP-notation.

> These have not been computer tested.


> 1. P P; 2. PxP H; 3. P HxP; 4. PxP A; 5. PxH=A+ A; 6. AxA HxA; 7.

AxP HxA; 8. AxH

Looks o.k. - my computer found only your intended solution.

> 1. P P; 2. P H; 3. P HxA; 4. PxP HxA; 5. PxH=A A; 6. A A; 7. AxP

AxP; 8. A AxA; 9. AxH

There are 10 different games which match this HAP-string, besides
the intended solution also e.g.:

1.f4 c6 2.f5 Qd8-b6 3.f6 Qb6xg1 4.fxe7 Qg1xh1 5.exf8=N Nb8-a6 6.Nb1-c3
7.Nf8xd7 Nb4xa2 8. Nd7-b6 Na2xc3 9.Nb6xc8



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