[Retros] The problemist, november 2007

Joost de Heer joost at sanguis.xs4all.nl
Mon Dec 3 12:58:51 EST 2007

Joost de Heer schreef:

> And another one, in the comments of the fairy section:


> F2532Rv - René J. Millour

> 4S1rR/2qs4/4p3/1p3Q1p/2p1pp2/b4k1p/K2s4/1b1R1r2 (5+15)

> -1. Bg1(f8)xBa3 Bf8-a3 -2. g2-g1=B f7-f8=B

Typing error in this line (Bf8-a3 is an illegal selfcheck, the bishop is
pinned via Rg8). The correct solution should be:

-1. Bg1(f8)xBa3 Bf8(c1)xBa3 -2. g2-g1=B f7-f8=B

And I forgot to mention the theme (although it's quite obvious):


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