[Retros] DR vs forced ep: what rule predominates?

Rol, Guus G.A.Rol at umcutrecht.nl
Thu Aug 30 05:20:50 EDT 2007

This one is OK. Standard "AP after Keym" but no dead reckoning involved.
The stalemate/mate however play the same role that I described for the
"dead positions". As game terminators, they prevent the castling move
from manifesting and thereby prevent the justification of the e.p. move.

Guus Rol.

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I just remembered that something like this already exists:

8068 - Alexander Kukush
Feenschach 135
5+6. Mate in 1 (AP, PRA)

Black tries to castle, thus proving it's possible that he didn't move
last. But: 1. .. fe6 2. g6 e5 3. Kg5 e6 4. g4!! and now is 4. .. Be7
mate, and other bishop moves result in stalemate. So black can't prove
he didn't move last. So mate in 1 with 1. Qc8#.

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