[Retros] DR vs forced ep: what rule predominates?

Pastmaker at aol.com Pastmaker at aol.com
Tue Aug 28 12:28:01 EDT 2007

I don't understand. If the position is "dead" under 3.7(d) then every
position thereafter resulting from legal play must also be "dead". If not, the
position was not "dead" to begin with.

So if an e.p. capture is "playable" in a "dead" position (in the sense that
it would be a legal move if the game were not over by virtue of rule 3.7(d)),
it is no different from any other move "playable" in that sense. If the
position was dead the game was over and rule 3.7(d) is inapplicable.

Now it may well be that the availability of the e.p. capture is a factor in
determining if the position is dead. In fact, such a position has been
demonstrated. But the availibility of the e.p. capture is merely a factor in
determining if the position is dead. If the position is dead Rule 3.7(d) cannot
force a move because the game has ended.

Regards to all.
Tom Volet

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