[Retros] =N double checkmates

raosorio at fibertel.com.ar raosorio at fibertel.com.ar
Tue Aug 21 14:47:25 EDT 2007

Hi Hiro,

In the record field the g pawn case can be reached in 8.5 moves,

1.Ph2-h4 Pf7-f5 2.Ph4-h5 Pf5-f4 3.Ph5-h6 Pf4-f3
4.Ph6xg7 Pf3xe2 5.Rh1xh7 Pe2xf1=S 6.Qd1-g4 Pe7-e5
7.Qg4-g6 Ke8-e7 8.Pg2-g4 Sg8-h6 9.Pg7-g8=S #

And an example for the missing d pawn case,

1.Pd2-d4 Pe7-e5 2.Pd4-d5 Qd8-f6 3.Pd5-d6 Qf6-f3
4.Pe2xf3 Pf7-f6 5.Bf1-b5 Ke8-f7 6.Bb5xd7 Sb8-c6
7.Bd7xc8 Sc6-e7 8.Pd6-d7 Kf7-e6 9.Pd7-d8=S #


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