[Retros] =N double checkmates

raosorio at fibertel.com.ar raosorio at fibertel.com.ar
Sun Aug 19 11:26:00 EDT 2007

Hi Hiro,

I understand that you are listing the double check cases showing ...=N#.
The following PG was published in Strategems first 2007 issue. It's the
g2-g1=N case, standard material since the promoted knight is a Phenix one.

Roberto Osorio - Argentina
Strategems 1st 2007
Dedicated to Andrey Frolkin
30 single moves. 13 + 12 C+

1.Pf2-f4 Ph7-h5 2.Pf4-f5 Ph5-h4 3.Pf5-f6 Ph4-h3
4.Pf6xg7 Ph3xg2 5.Pg7xf8=S Rh8xh2 6.Sf8xd7 Sg8-h6
7.Sd7xb8 Bc8-h3 8.Sb8-d7 Pf7-f5 9.Sd7-b6 Pc7xb6
10.Pe2-e3 Ke8-d7 11.Sg1-e2 Kd7-c6 12.Se2-c3 Qd8-d7
13.Ke1-e2 Ra8-h8 14.Qd1-e1 Sh6-g8 15.Sc3-d1 Pg2-g1=S


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