[Retros] off-topic reference: Jeffrey Sachs

andrew buchanan andrew at anselan.com
Sat Apr 28 16:17:28 EDT 2007

This is a bit off-topic, sorry.

One of the real joys of living in Britain is the current affairs channel BBC
Radio 4. I am enjoying very much listening to the short series of weekly
lectures being given around the world via the BBC by the American
development economist Jeffrey Sachs. The topic is how humanity can address
the issues that face us at this time. To be honest, at some points, they
bring tears to my eyes. I think they are relevant to all humans dwelling on
the planet at this time, and I wondered if others in this mailing list might
also be interested to hear them.

These are available on the web for download as voice or as transcript on the
following site: http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio4/reith2007/contact.shtml.

OK, I will resume normal on-topic service now. :-)

Thanks & regards,

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