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Ton B11/8 me semble démoli par :
1. ... Rf6-é7 2.d5xPé6ep+ é7-é5 3.d4-d5+ Rf7xTf6 4.Té6xCf6++
N'hésite pas à m'envoyer tes versions pour vérification.

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Dear retrofans,

My lengths records booklet has been updated at:

You can also access it and its TeX sourcefiles from:

The changes are listed in the history file below, which
will be included in the TeX sourcefiles in the future.

Not yet included is the following B6/4 by Bernd Schwarzkopf:
Ke2 - Kc2 Rf1 Ba8 Pe3f2
1 + 5 = 6
Black to move, 4 last moves

And Bernd also promises a D23/13!!!

I'm sure there's much records to be found, so don't hesitate
to give it a try! :)

cu, Alain

This file is not supposed to be totally detailed (names of magazines,
dates, etc... are missing) but only a help to see what has changed
between the different versions of the text.

To have full detail on a specific problem, one shall look at the
booklet or the TeX files.

+-+-+-+-+-+-+- changes on 23.04.2007 -+-+-+-+-+-+-+

++++ added ++++
A12/5: Andrew Buchanan (after T.Ha.Willcocks), 4br1b/3prk1K/4pppR/7p/8/8/8/8
B11/8: Nenad Petrovi\'c (v by A.Brobecker), 6R1/2K1k1P1/4P3/8/B4PQ1/8/B7/BB6
E15a/1: A.Frolkin & A.Kornilov, 4QN1K/2NQ1QN1/2Q1K1Q1/2N3N1/3NQN2/8/8/8
E15b/1: A.Frolkin & A.Kornilov, 4NQ2/4Q1QN/4QKQ1/3NQ1QN/K3N1N1/8/8/8

---- no more records ----

---- cooked ----
B11/8: Nenad Petrovi\'c (version A.Brobecker),
(Thierry Le Gleuher found cook)

+-+-+-+-+-+-+- changes on 17.04.2007 -+-+-+-+-+-+-+

++++ added ++++
B6/4: Niels H\oeg (version A.Brobecker), b7/8/8/8/8/3np3/4K3/3r2k1
B9/7: Nenad Petrovi\'c (version A.Brobecker), b7/8/4q3/6q1/7p/3np3/4K3/3r2k1

B11/8: Nenad Petrovi\'c (version A.Brobecker),
B14/10: =C14/11 without last move, Nenad Petrovi\'c (version).
B16/11: =C16/12 without last move, Nenad Petrovi\'c (version).
D10/2: Andrew Buchanan (after Bernd Schwarzkopf),

---- no more records ----
D13a/2: Gruber, Bösing, Dittmann, Schwarzkopf, 1983,
D13b/2: Bösing, Lauinger, Dittman , Schwarzkopf, 1983,

---- cooked ----
C12/10: Plaksin & Kisljak, 1R2K3/1Bk5/2P1P3/8/4Q3/B7/BQ5B/6B1
(Henrik Juel found cook: -1.e5-e6 Kb6-c7 -2.b5xc5+ c7-c5 -3.d4x?e5)
E28/6: Andrey Kornilov, 4BNN1/PPPPPKRP/P2PBPPR/3NB2Q/3PRK1Q/4PR2/5P1P/8
(Henrik Juel found cook, see P1000807 in www.softdecc.com/pdb/ )

Alain Brobecker (abrobecker at yahoo.com) |_ _ _ |_
http://abrobecker.free.fr/ |_)(_|(_|| ) of Arm's Tech

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