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Alain BROBECKER abrobecker at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 17 09:44:06 EDT 2007

Dear retrofans,

I made an update of the length records at:

Here are the changes:

B6/4: Niels H\oeg (version A.Brobecker), 2007.04
1+5: White played last. Last 4 single moves?

B9/7: Nenad Petrovi\'c (version A.Brobecker), 2007.04
1+8: White played last. Last 7 single moves?

B11/8: Nenad Petrovi\'c (version A.Brobecker), 2007.04
1+10: White played last. Last 8 single moves?

B14/10: =C14/11 without last move, Nenad Petrovi\'c (version).

B16/11: =C16/12 without last move, Nenad Petrovi\'c (version).

D10/2: Andrew Buchanan (after Bernd Schwarzkopf), unpublished, 2007.04
7+3: Last 2 single moves? Duplex.
(!!! so D13a/2 and D13b/2 are no longer records)

Henrik Juel reports that:
* A7) The five authors found the position independently.
* C12/10 is cooked: -1.e5-e6 Kb6-c7 -2.b5xc5+ c7-c5 -3.d4x?e5
(Nikita Plaksin & Alexander Kisljak, 1R2K3/1Bk5/2P1P3/8/4Q3/B7/BQ5B/6B1)
* E30) The men listed in the solution should be white and WBa4 is missing.
* F24) The solution is: Black: Kf6, Rf7, Pa3, Pb7, Pc7, Pd6, Pe5, Pe6, Ph7
n-5.e3-e4 Kf5-f6 n-4.f4-f5 a6-a5 n-3.Rg4-f4 a5-a4 n-2.Kf3-g4 a4-a3
n-1.Ng5-f3+ g7-g5 n.f5xg5+

I also added an index of Names, any correction is welcome:
August, Hugo (b.1902, German)...A7
Baibikov, Dmitri (b.?,?)...E30
Brennert, Otto (1876-1945, German)...A7
Breyer, Gyula (b.?,?)...A26
Brobecker, Alain (b.1973, French)...A14, B6, B9, B11
Buchanan, Andrew (b.?,?)...D10
Burlajew, Nikolaij (b.1938, Soviet)...F6
Caillaud, Michel (b.1957, French)...A25, C24
Christiaans, Franck (b.1948, Dutch)...A14
Dawson, Thomas Rayner (1889-1951, English)...A7, B3
Dittmann, Wolfgang (b.1933, German)...D8
Frolkin, Andrej (b.1957, Soviet)...E26, E29, F4a, F4b, F5
H\oeg, Niels (1876-1951, Danish)...A7, A8, B6, C3a, C3b, C4a, C4b
Kornilow, Andrej (b.1944, Soviet)...E26, E29, F4a, F4b, F5, F24, F29
Le Gleuher, Thierry (b.?, French)...A14, C23, C25
Mortensen, Jan (b.1924, Danish)...B4, B5
Onitiu, Valerian (1872-1948, Roumanian)...A7
Petrovi\'c Nenad (1907-1989, Yugoslavian)...B9, B11, B14, B16, C7, C8, C10,
C11, C14, C16
Schwarzkopf, Bernd (b.1946, German)...D10, D17, D18
Willcocks, Theophilus Harding (b.1912, English)...A11
Wilts, Gerd (b.?, Dutch)...A18, A26
Zolotarev, Alexander (b.?, ?)...A24

regards, Alain

Alain Brobecker (abrobecker at yahoo.com) |_ _ _ |_
http://abrobecker.free.fr/ |_)(_|(_|| ) of Arm's Tech

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