[Retros] Bug in Natch?!

Harry Fougiaxis harryfou at ath.forthnet.gr
Fri Apr 6 14:00:42 EDT 2007

I recently came across this old proofgame by Myllyniemi. I noticed that
Natch cannot find the solution. I cross-checked with Kostas Prentos, who
also experienced issues in trying to test it. He wrote that he managed in
the end, after reboots and certain tricks, but he didn't mention details in
his email.

I tried two versions : v2.2 solves it fine, v2.4 exits after few seconds
without giving any solution. Btw, Euclide solves it in seconds.

Matti Myllyniemi
3 Pr Die Schwalbe 1965 (correction : Die Schwalbe 1983)

22 single moves

PS. Note to Michel Caillaud : I entered this correction into WinChloe, no
need that you send it to Christian.

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