[Retros] Retros: Mat Plus: null-move of Hamster/Jibber?

Bernd Gräfrath retromode at web.de
Wed Apr 4 07:49:49 EDT 2007

Dear retro-friends,

Joost wrote:
Hamster: Moves like a Grasshopper, but goes back over the hurdle. The
arrival square is therefore just before the hurdle. (Theoretically, a
Hamster could make a null move. Is this allowed?)

Well, there is a theoretical controversy about a possible null-move of the Hamster.
Some treat this fairy piece as identical with the Jibber; but some distinguish between them (which I find reasonable);
then the Hamster is just like the Jibber except for the additional option that it can make a null move next to a hurdle.

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