[Retros] 9 e7#

Noam Elkies elkies at math.harvard.edu
Sun Oct 29 11:22:53 EST 2006

Hirokaz ONODA <glkoon at yahoo.co.jp> wrote:

> 1.d3 d6 2.Bd2 Bg4 3.Qc1 Bxe2 4.Nf3 Bxf1 5.Kd1 e5 6.Be1 e4

> 7.Nfd2 e3 8.f3 e2# 0-1

and then:

> *.e7# vacant?

Fortunately there is an easy variation with colors reversed:

1 b3! d6 2 Bb2 Bd7 3 Bf6 Qc8 4 Bxe7 Nf6
5 Bxf8 Kd8 6 e4 Be8 7 e5 Nfd7 8 e6 f6 9 e7#


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