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Nicolas.Dupont at math.univ-lille1.fr Nicolas.Dupont at math.univ-lille1.fr
Wed Oct 25 14:57:03 EDT 2006

> Knight 21 (ND)

> Bishop 20 (ND)

> Rook 20 (ND, AF)

> Queen 16 (AF)

> Without extra capture:

> Knight 27 (AF)

> Bishop 24 (ND)

> Rook 27 (AB, ND, AF)

> Queen 22 (ND)

> Is everything all right?

In every chess-work that I published with some co-author, the one who gave
the final touch had his name at the end. If it's really a common practice,
the Rook 20 and 27 should therefore respectively be named AF ND, and AF ND

> Can any result be improved?

I presented the task on the web-site France-Echecs, where there are
excellent retro-analysts, Itamar Faybish among them. He found the
beautiful following Bishop case in 8.5 (with extra capture) :

1.Pe2-e4 Pe7-e5 2.Ff1-a6 Pb7-b5 3.Fa6xc8 Re8-e7
4.Fc8-b7 Re7-f6 5.Fb7-d5 Rf6-g5 6.Cg1-h3 Rg5-h4
7.Pg2-g3 Rh4xh3 8.Fd5-c4 Dd8-h4 9.Fc4-f1



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