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I like the play with the white f pawn in Nicolas' last solution.

Here is a slightly shorter answer to the same task...

1. Ph2-h4 Pa7-a5 2. Ph4-h5 Pa5-a4 3. Th1-h4 Pa4-a3
4. Th4-a4 Pc7-c6 5. Ta4xa8 Dd8-a5 6. Ta8-a6 Re8-d8
7. Ta6-b6 Rd8-c7 8. Tb6-b4 Rc7-d6 9. Tb4-h4 Rd6-e5
10. Pg2-g4 Re5-f4 11. Pf2-f3 Rf4-g3 12. Cg1-h3 Rg3-h2
13. Ch3-f2 Rh2-g1 14. Th4-h1


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> Capture at home + mate at home, Rh1, no non-thematic captures:

> 1.Ph2-h4 Pa7-a5 2.Ph4-h5 Pa5-a4 3.Rh1-h4 Pa4-a3

> 4.Rh4-a4 Pd7-d6 5.Ra4xa8 Ke8-d7 6.Ra8-a4 Kd7-e6

> 7.Ra4-h4 Ke6-e5 8.Pe2-e4 Bc8-g4 9.Bf1-b5 Bg4-e2

> 10.Pg2-g4 Ke5-f4 11.Sg1-h3 Kf4-f3 12.Pe4-e5 Kf3-g2

> 13.Pf2-f4 Pc7-c5 14.Sh3-f2 Kg2-g1 15.Bb5-c6 Be2-a6

> 16.Rh4-h1

I made a big mistake in my last post, focuses only on a same column capture.
Here is a game with same theme, one move less :

1.Ph2-h4 Pa7-a5 2.Ph4-h5 Pa5-a4 3.Th1-h4 Pa4-a3
4.Th4-a4 Pc7-c6 5.Ta4xa8 Dd8-b6 6.Ta8-a4 Re8-d8
7.Ta4-h4 Rd8-c7 8.Pg2-g4 Rc7-d6 9.Ff1-g2 Rd6-e5
10.Fg2-d5 Re5-f4 11.Pf2-f3 Rf4-g3 12.Pf3-f4 Db6-b3
13.Cg1-f3 Rg3-g2 14.Cf3-e5 Rg2-g1 15.Th4-h1



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