[Retros] Capture at home + mate at home

Noam Elkies elkies at math.harvard.edu
Sat Oct 21 23:19:53 EDT 2006

> So it's done with bishop or queen. I think that is it impossible

> in the rook case, but possible in the knight case, although I'm

> unable to construct it for the moment...

The "rook case" looks difficult but I am not convinced that it is
impossible. Have you tried starting with something like

1 h4 b5 2 Rh3 Bb7 3 Ra3 Be4 4 Ra6 c6 5 a4 Qa5 6 Rb6 Na6 7 Ra3 Kd8
8 Rb8+ Kc7 9 Rxa8



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