[Retros] More switchback mates

afretro afretro at yandex.ru
Fri Oct 20 04:06:55 EDT 2006

Dear Nicolas and all,
Here is the latest idea (Reytsen▓s, not mine!) with a rook:
1.Pb2-b3 Pe7-e6 2.Bc1-b2 Ke8-e7 3.Bb2-f6 Ke7-d6
4.Sb1-c3 Kd6-c5 5.Pb3-b4 Kc5xb4 6.Ra1-b1 Kb4-a3
7.Rb1xb7 Qd8-e8 8.Sc3-b5 Ka3xa2 9.Rb7xc7 Bf8-a3
10.Rc7xd7 Ba3-c1 11.Rd7xa7 Ka2-b1 12.Ra7xa8 Bc8-b7
It▓s a pity the rook makes non-thematic captures as well.
I particularly liked Nicolas▓s most recent problem, devoid of non-thematic captures plus showing black bishop Rundlauf. It▓s a work of art, albeit in miniature form.
Mate with a promoted piece as a result of its switchback to the promotion square could be a different line of investigation:
1.Pf2-f4 Pe7-e6 2.Pf4-f5 Qd8-e7 3.Pf5-f6 Qe7-d6
4.Pf6xg7 Sg8-f6 5.Pg7-g8=S Bf8-g7 6.Sg8-h6 Ke8-e7
7.Pd2-d3 Rh8-d8 8.Ke1-d2 Bg7-f8 9.Kd2-c3 Sf6-e8

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