[Retros] Task - double check mate - NECESARY

raosorio at fibertel.com.ar raosorio at fibertel.com.ar
Tue Oct 3 07:55:49 EDT 2006

Gianni Donatti proposed the following version of the double-check mate PG.
It's a fact that in the previous one the knight check is not necesary to checkmate
but it's the way to get the task in 6 moves. I think Gianni's is the shortest extending
the meaning of the task to 'necesary double-check'.

Hi Roberto -

Here's a version of your double-check pg in which both checks are required. In a way...

1. Cg1-f3 Pa7-a5 2. Cf3-e5 Ta8-a6 3. Pf2-f3 Ta6-d6
4. Re1-f2 Td6-d3 5. Rf2-g3 Pd7-d6 6. Ce5-d7 Pe7-e5
7. Rg3-g4 Cg8-e7 8. Rg4-g5 Pg7-g6 9. Rg5-f6 Ce7-g8

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