[Retros] New Task: PG m.0 #n

andrew buchanan andrew at anselan.com
Sat Oct 7 06:14:23 EDT 2006


Allan Bell recently proposed in a proof game double mate task the additional
constraint that the final move should be the only move that could deliver
mate in that position.

This suggested to me a different task. Create a PG in m.0 moves which is
also a sound direct mate in n (>= 2) moves. This appeals to me because I
like positions in which both retro and forward play must be considered.

Note: this task is not a strict generalization of Allan's. He asked for the
unique proof game property to carry all the way through to the mated
position. I am just asking that the diagram position to be a unique proof
game, but not necessarily the resulting mate position(s).

The simplest valid example I could find has m=n=2:
1. e4 f5 2. exf5 h6
The diagram position reached here is a sound direct mate with solution:
1. Qh5+ g6 (forced) 2. Qxg6#

However the #2 which results here is dull. So I wonder as a next step if
someone can come up with a PG m.0 n# where the key move is *not* a check...


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