[Retros] Task - double check mate

raosorio at fibertel.com.ar raosorio at fibertel.com.ar
Mon Oct 2 07:28:08 EDT 2006

Allan Bell wrote,

As suggested by Noam, here is a double check-mate (with captures) given by
a piece returning to its home square. Both checks are required.

1.Pa2-a4 Pe7-e5 2.Ra1-a3 Ke8-e7 3.Ra3-e3 Ke7-d6
4.Sb1-c3 Kd6-c5 5.Pb2-b4 Kc5xb4 6.Bc1-a3 Kb4xa3
7.Qd1-b1 Pb7-b5 8.Qb1xb5 Bf8-b4 9.Ke1-d1 Pd7-d6
10.Kd1-c1 Bc8-f5 11.Kc1-b1 Bf5xc2 12.Kb1-a1 Pf7-f5

But there must be a shorter setting.

Here is one without captures,

1.Pe2-e3 Pd7-d6 2.Ke1-e2 Bc8-h3 3.Ke2-f3 Pe7-e6
4.Kf3-f4 Sg8-e7 5.Kf4-g5 Pg7-g6 6.Kg5-f6 Se7-g8
natch 0.22 s


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