[Retros] Pawn to-the-4th-rank mates

Hirokaz ONODA glkoon at yahoo.co.jp
Sun Nov 26 15:39:49 EST 2006


1.Ph2-h4 Pa7-a5 2.Th1-h3 Ta8-a6 3.Th3-d3 Ta6-e6
4.Td3-d6 Pf7-f6 5.Pd2-d3 Re8-f7 6.Fc1-f4 Rf7-g6
7.Ff4-h2 Rg6-f5 8.Pg2-g3 Rf5-e5 9.Pg3-g4

And, up to now:

Pawn to-the-4th-rank mates

Category 1: c4#/...c5#, etc., discovered checkmate

captureless: 1.a4 c6 2.Ra3 Qa5 3.Re3 Kd8 4.Re6 Kc7 5.e3
Kb6 6.Bc4 Kc5 7.Ba2 b6 8.b3 Kd5 9.b4# (Hirokaz Onoda)
captureless: 1.d3 d6 2.Kd2 Bd7 3.Kc3 Ba4 4.Kb4 b5 5.Ka5
c5# (Hirokaz Onoda)
captureless: 1.d3 e5 2.Kd2 Qh4 3.Ke3 Qg3 4.Ke4 Nf6 5.Kf5
d5# (Hirokaz Onoda)
captureless: 1.f4 d6 2.Kf2 Bg4 3.Kg3 f5 4.Kh4 Kf7 5.Kg5
e5# (Hirokaz Onoda)
captureless: 1.e3 e6 2.Ke2 Be7 3.Kf3 Kf8 4.Kg4 Qe8 5.Kh5
Bd8 6.g4 f5# (Hirokaz Onoda)
captureless: 1.h4 a5 2.Rh3 Ra6 3.Rd3 Re6 4.Rd6 f6 5.d3 Kf7
6.Bf4 Kg6 7.Bh2 Kf5 8.g3 Ke5 9.g4# (Hirokaz Onoda)

captureless: 1.d3 d6 2.Nd2 Kd7 3.Ndf3 Kc6 4.Bd2 Kb5 5.Rc1
Ka4 6.c4# (Noam D. Elkies, 2002)

Category 2: bxc4#/...bxc5#, etc., discovered checkmate

Category 3: bxc4#/...bxc5#, etc., double checkmate

1.e4 g5 2.Qh5 g4 3.Qxh7 f5 4.Qxh8 Kf7 5.h3 Kg6 6.Qg7+ Kh5
7.hxg4# (Ulrich Ring)

Amici Sumus,

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