[Retros] Pawn to-the-5th-rank mates

Hirokaz ONODA glkoon at yahoo.co.jp
Sat Nov 18 06:41:08 EST 2006


category 5: bxc5#/...bxc4#, etc., bouble checkmate

1.Pd2-d4 Pe7-e5 2.Fc1-f4 Ff8-c5 3.Pe2-e3 Re8-e7
4.Ff1-b5 Re7-d6 5.Fb5xd7 Cg8-e7 6.Pd4xe5
Is this the shortest game of all double checkmates?

1.Pd2-d4 Pc7-c5 2.Dd1-d3 Dd8-b6 3.Dd3xh7 Re8-d8
4.Dh7-d3 Th8-h6 5.Re1-d2 Th6-c6 6.Rd2-c3 Pg7-g6
7.Fc1-d2 Pc5xd4

1.Pb2-b3 Pd7-d5 2.Fc1-a3 Fc8-e6 3.Fa3xe7 Cg8xe7
4.Pe2-e4 Ce7-f5 5.Ff1-c4 Ff8-b4 6.Re1-e2 0-0
7.Re2-d3 Tf8-e8 8.Cg1-e2 Pd5xc4

1.Pb2-b3 Pg7-g5 2.Fc1-a3 Ff8-g7 3.Fa3xe7 Dd8xe7
4.Cg1-f3 De7-e4 5.Cf3-h4 Cg8-e7 6.Pf2-f3 Th8-g8
7.Re1-f2 Fg7-d4 8.Rf2-g3 Fd4-g1 9.Ph2-h3 Pg5xh4


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