[Retros] Andrew's remarkable homebase mate

Pascal Wassong pascal.wassong at free.fr
Sat Nov 18 05:21:06 EST 2006


the problem by Andrew is solved by Natch in less than 2s. The version
on h8, with 8.5 moves, takes 15s to be completely verified. My
computer (at least 2 years old) has an AMD 2.8 Ghz processor, with 1
Mb of ram.


>>>>> "Noam" == Noam Elkies <elkies at math.harvard.edu> writes:

Noam> Andrew Buchanan <andrew at anselan.com> writes:
>> rnbqkbnr/ppppppp1/8/8/4P3/3B4/PPPPNPP1/RNB3RK w KQkq - id 14;

Noam> correctly refraining from the usual practice of giving the
Noam> solution, and later satisfies Nicholas Dupont's request for
Noam> a similar "good trick!" on a1. Much the same works on h8:
Noam> reverse colors and replace Ne7 by Qc6, and it's SPG-8.5 (C+
Noam> Popeye, with some effort -- it takes the program a few
Noam> minutes to find the solution, and 1.5 hours to confirm it is
Noam> unique!). There should also be an a8 version but it might
Noam> be beyond Popeye's range; how does Natch do with these?

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