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Here is another homebase mate, which I think is the shortest yet.

SPG 7.0 C+
rnbqkbnr/ppppppp1/8/8/4P3/3B4/PPPPNPP1/RNB3RK w KQkq - id 14;

As far as approaches are concerned, my over-riding concern in this sort
of task is to minimize the number of moves.

In contrast to Roberto, I would not object if one of these SPGs
involved the capture of homebase officers. Of the 37 possible
destination squares for a mated white king in a homebase mate, 11
appear to be unattainable if one keeps the constraint that all homebase
officers must be surviving. It seems a pity to lose these. See diagram:

kkk3kk/kKK3Kk/kKKkKk1k/K1KK1KKK/KK1K2KK/K2K3K/K2K3K/K2K3K w - -

However, this is just my own aesthetic opinion...


--- raosorio at fibertel.com.ar wrote:


> Hi Nicolas,


> Thanks for your interest in the idea.

> I do like this too,


> Nicolas Dupont

> 1.Pf2-f4 Pd7-d5 2.Re1-f2 Pd5-d4 3.Rf2-g3 Pd4-d3

> 4.Rg3-h4 Pd3xe2 5.Ff1xe2 Dd8xd2 6.Fe2-h5 Pe7-e5

> 7.Pf4xe5 Dd2xc2 8.Fc1-f4 Dc2xd1 9.Ff4-g3 Dd1-d8


> There are 3 composing approaches,

> 1) The artistical one

> 2) The record one, as it was defined in my oct 21 mail to this list

> (first maximize the

> mating side pawns on the diagram, 2nd minimize moves and 3rd

> minimize captures)

> 3) The other record approach: first minimize the moves, 2nd maximize

> the mating side

> pawns on the diagram and 3rd the same as before.


> Your 9.0 example is strong in the last approach (and very nice).


> I propose to redifine the theme as "homebase mate" ("total" is not

> necessary).


> Best,

> Roberto Osorio




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